William Thompson Osborne

Emma’s brother, he and his family deserve a page of their own, the information has been supplied by a friend in Florida:

WILLIAM THOMPSON OSBORNE was born on 24 February 1859 in Shilbottle, Northumberland. He died on 20 April 1899 in Portland Oregon. He married CATHERINE JOBLING. She was born on 05 June 1854 in Scotland. She died on 28 September 1947 in San Francisco, California.
They had the following children:

ELEANOR JOBLING OSBORNE was born on 01 August 1880 in Wark, Northumberland. She died on 12 October 1967 in Multnomah, Multnomah, Oregon. She married Paul Julius Sievers in 1900 in Multnomah, Oregon. He was born on 25 March 1875 in Altona, Hamburg, Germany.

And their children:

JANE MARGARET OSBORNE was born in Jun 1882 in Bellingham, Northumberland. She died on 08 February 1963 in San Francisco, California. She married CHESTER A STONE. He was born in July 1881 in Connecticut.

WILLIAM THOMPSON OSBORNE was born on 07 February 1885 in Bellingham, Northumberland.  He died on 14 March 1918 in Portland, Oregon.

RACHEL ISABELLA OSBORNE was born on 16 Febraury 1886 in Hexham, Northumberland.  She died on 26 December 1962. She married (1) F PORT in Oregon. She married (2) PETER L JOHNSON. He was born about 1886 in Oregon. He died on 10 February 1941 in Portland Oregon.

JOHN EPHRAIM (JACK) OSBORNE was born on 23 February 1888 in Wark, Northumberland. He died on 29 December 1934 in Portland, Oregon. He married GRACE L. She was born in 1890.

And their children:

CATHERINE ANNA OSBORNE was born on 23 October 1892 in Spokane Whitman, Washington. She died on 28 April 1982 in Clackamas, Oregon. She married Harry Jerome Hendrix in 1921. He was born on 15 June 1889 in Dufur, Oregon. He died on 25 March 1956 in Multnomah, Multnomah, Oregon.

MARY ESTHER OSBORNE was born on 23 May 1895 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. She died on 12 April 1983. She married H P Ramussen on 16 June 1913 in Multnomah, Multnomah, Oregon. He was born in Sweden.

EMMA THOMASINE OSBORNE was born on 21 August 1896 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. She died on 08 May 1980 in Washington, Oregon. She married Raymond W Rogers on 31 October 1914 in Clark, Washington. He was born on 24 January 1893 in Oregon. He died in June 1969 in Casstown, Miami, Ohio.

And their children :

BETTY JANE ROGERS was born on 15 October 1923 in Oregon. She died on 16 January 1993 in Richmond, Contra Costa, California. She married ARTHUR THEODORE HEIN. He was born on 29 April 1921 in North Dakota. He died on 13 February 2001 in Richmond, Contra Costa, California.

And their children:

SUSAN ANN HEIN was born in 1943.