Thompson Baty and his family

Lionel Ellis




According to those who knew Thompson, he was quite a character ! Born in 1904 he married Margaret E Moffatt (Ethel) in 1927, the year after his mother Emma had died, he is named as the informant on her Death Certificate.





They had six children, Dorothy (Dolly) born 1928, Elizabeth Y (Yvonne, ‘Von) born 1929, Gwendoline M (Gwen) born 1931, Barbara June born 1934, Ethel R (Rosemund- Ros, Bud, Buddy) born 1936 and Allen T born 1941.

In the 1939 Register, Ethel and the children were living in Kilnburn House, Wark, Thompson is registerd at The Beehive Public House, White Waltham, Cookham, Berkshire (Maidenhead), a Clerk of Works for a Government Department. He was living here whilst looking for a home for the family.                                             

At the outbreak of war he joined the Royal Airforce, this photo is of Thompson with his niece May Fairbrother (Isabel May), she’s wearing his uniform jacket and cap.

May and Uncle Thom

There is a story, which has to be after 1947, where Thom went out for Fish and Chips on a Friday, he didn’t return until Monday, he’d met a buddy from RAF days, who flew him to Paris to see his sister, Isabel ……..

Thompson and Ethel divorced, he married Leonora E Rhodes (born Pester) in 1951. She was the widow of Berkeley  Cecil Rhodes, born circa 1876 (son of a physician he attended a Public School in Epsom, Surrey for the children of medical men). He had been previously married to Irene Gluckstein, the marriage taking place in India, 1911. Ethel died in 1985.



This photo appears to be of Thom and Leo on their wedding day in 1951.

Thompson and Leo lived in London Road, Fairford, Gloucestershire, Paul recalls her cooking full English Breakfast with large mushrooms from their garden, 1959.

Leo Thom Isabel 1959

In the 1960’s they were living in High Street, Newmarket, from left to right, Thompson, Isabel and Matthew.

Baty family (4)

His nephew Paul recounts a story,

‘I was about 15 years old and visiting the family with my Mum, Isabel, we stayed in Newmarket, one evening Uncle Thom took me to the local Pub, along the road from where he and Leo lived, towards the centre of town.

I imbibed of much draught ale, stayed for a ‘lock in’ and crawled back to my bed, gratefully’.

Thompson died in 1981, Leonora the following year.

His children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

Yvonne, Gwen, Barbara & Ros 1939

1939, Yvonne (‘Von), Gwen, Barbara June and Ros – For many years Ros was called Bud or Buddy (like a little rosebud), quote from Barbara June Charlton.

Barbara writes ” The happy summer at Benson, Oxfordshire when Dad worked on the airfield, having gained qualifications at night school in Harwell. He was a draftsman and very artistic. Dorothy (Dolly) lived at Wark-Upon-Tyne with Grandma.

Dorothy M Baty born 1928 married Paul W Stockman in Fulham, 1957.

Elizabeth Y (Yvonne) Baty never married.

Gwendoline M Baty born 1931 married Malcolm C Upstone in Maidstone, 1958. She died in 1976. Gwen had Susan Carolyn in 1961.  Susan had Leanne, who died in 2016, twin boys, Stuart and Matthew, and another daughter Elizabeth.

Barbara J Baty born 1934 married Edgar W Bean in Maidenhead, 1963, see below.

Ethel R (Rosamund) Baty born 1936 married Brian E Bailey in Maidenhead, 1962.

Allen T Baty born 1941, first marriage in 1968 to Mavis Gregg then in 1976 to Jennifer E Shann both taking place in Leeds.


Barbara June Baty was born in Berkshire in 1934, she married Edgar William Bean (Ted) in 1963, their first child Catherine Margaret born 1964 in West Wales as was their second child Richard William Thompson Bean.a f

“The snow-capped mountains in Northern Italy after a holiday on the Adriatic. We had toured, taking in Venice and Rome, Mum had done the same tour with Gwen tow years earlier.

Three years later I spent my three weeks Honeymoon motoring through France and Italy then back over the Alps. I still have the receipts!”



1960 – A friend, Margaret and Barbara

Barbara Richard Natasha 2007


At the wedding of Richard Bean (her son) to Natasha Leaper in 2007.

Richard is a professional musician and Natasha has an alter ego…..
Tasha Leaper as Madonna


Barbara, Richard and kids 2014



2014 – Barbara with her granddaughters, Yasmin and Savannah and her son, Richard.