Matthew Baty and his family

Isobel & Maty

Matthew was born in 1909, here he is with his baby sister, Isabel in late 1917, early 1918.

He married Dorothy Seager, born 1913, in 1933, their daughter Fay Baty born in 1939.

Dorothy, Matt and Fay

Dorothy, Matt and Fay, photo taken by Paul circa 1957.



Dorothy Smith indicates that at some point he, Matty, and his brother Isaac lived with the Baty spinsters in the house next to The Percy Arms, this must have been before Isaac married in 1921, although as Matt didn’t marry until 1933……

In the 1939 Register, Matthew, his wife Dorothy and baby daughter were living in Hadleigh, his occupation being an Agricultural Tractor Driver.

Fireman Paul



His nephew Paul, all dressed up in Uncle Matts uniform – Matthew was a reserve Fireman.


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The proud Dad ……. 

IMG_20180208_192145782 - Copie





Matt, Leo, Dorothy, Uncle Tommy, Lan the dog and Granddaughter Ellie.



“I can remember Thompson and his wife Leo visiting my nan and grandad in Hadleigh on several occasions when I was young.  Indeed I remember it was all hands to the pumps the week before, making sure that everything was polished to within an inch of its life.  Cakes were made etc.  I remember Uncle Tommy very clearly and Leo. He was a lovely man and Leo had such a lovely nature.  A lady called Florence used to bring them down, I assume that  neither of them could drive.  Florence was a lovely lady and she used to bring her border collie called Lan. My sister and I used to be so  excited.”

A little anecdote from Ellie Morgan, Matthews Granddaughter.

Matthew died in 1977, his wife Dorothy died in 1980.

His daughter

Fay Baty born in 1939, married Colin Ambrose in 1960, they honeymooned in Paris, the photo taken at The Moulin Rouge !



The Wedding Party                      Paul Desgris, Fay and Colin



1960 Mr & Mrs Ambrose ……



………. and 2010 on their 50th Wedding Anniversary with their daughters Ellie and Sarah.