Isaac Baty and his family

Isaac Baty, the eldest child of Matthew and Emma Baty was born in Wark Parish in 1896, he is mentioned as a Corporal in 1917, noted as N.F. which appears to represent Northumberland Fusiliers, one of the mourners at his Grandmother’s Funeral. His War Records form part of those lost to a fire.

In 1921 he married Maggie A Stewart (Margaret) in Alnwick, Northumberland, their first child, Marguerite Baty came along in late 1922.

In 1931, they had their second child, John Stewart Baty. born in the District of Hexham.

Isaac went on to become a Head Teacher at Parkside Middle School in Cramlington from 25 April 1938  to 24 March 1961.

Excert taken from Wiki, Parkside Middle School.

“During the Second World War, the teaching staff was reduced to only two male teachers due to conscription. In the first week of September 1939, part of the school was taken over as a military hospital and air raid shelters were built on the school fields.

After World War Two

Following the Education Act of 1944, the school reopened fully on 9 April 1945 as Cramlington Modern School.”

In the 1939 Register there is a notation ‘A.R.P. Warden’, because of his age he must have been one of the only two teachers at the school as mentioned above.

His nephew Paul recalls going to the school with him, his Uncle Isaac had a class stand and sing ‘Frères Jacques’ whilst he stood at the front – the reason for the choice of song will become apparent.

Here is Isaac with his younger brothers, Thompson and Matthew, taken in 1954, notation reads ‘first time all three brothers together since the death of their mother’ in 1926:

the three brothers (2)

Thompson, Matthew and Isaac Baty 1954 (copies of this photo are in the hands of the Baty and Desgris family)

Wedding 1957 (2)

Margaret, Isaac and Isabel centre of photo, August 1957 for the Wedding of John S. Baty and Marguerite Greene (not pictured) – from a collection of photos belonging to Isaac’s sister Isabel, supplied by Paul Desgris, her son.

Baty family (3)


Fay Baty

Dorothy Baty (Seager)

Matthew Baty

Isabel Desgris (Baty)

Isaac Baty

Leo Baty (Rhodes)

circa 1960 in Newmarket


Isaac died in 1962, here is the letter his widow, Margaret sent to her sister-in-law, Isabel, who was had been living in Paris since 1947:

Death Isaac

Marguerite Baty

Born in 1922, Marguerite appears to have lived a very glamorous life, in the 1939 Register she was still living with her parents in Ponteland.

Here is a photo of Marguerite in Paris at the Mimi Pinson Dancing on the Champs Elysée with her Aunt Isabel (only 5 years older) and Isabel’s husband Kleber Desgris, he was the Manager of the establishment, often using his middle name of Maxime for business.

Kleber Isabel niece

Kleber, Isabel and Marguerite, circa 1950 Mimi Pinson Dancing, Paris

According to the Queen Elizabeth ship’s manifest, Marguerite left for the United States of America in early 1953, flying back in December of the same year, her last address was in North Hollywood !

She married a Rudolf Gerber, who was Swiss and they lived in Lucerne. Along the way she had been a Safari Guide, she died relatively young in the 1970’s.

John Stewart Baty

Born in 1931, John married Marguerite Greene (Margie) in 1957, they had two daughters, Belinda born in 1959 and Nicola born in 1964.
John S Baty in uniform

From left to right facing the camera, Isabel Desgris, Margaret Baty, Isaac Baty and John Baty, in the uniform of the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers.John S Baty

John & Marguerite Baty

John & Marguerite Baty (2)

1957 Mr & Mrs Baty..……..

………..and in 2017 celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary

John and Marguerite

Sadly, John passed away in June 2018 as this website was being created.

His Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

belinds mobbs





Belinda Baty married Robin Mobbs, they have two children Toby and Sarah.



“In July 2017 Robin decided to cycle in consecutive stages from Northampton to Ypres to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of Paschendaele where his great Uncle Edgar Mobbs  (soldier and rugby player) fell. I cycled the first and last stages only! Here we are beside a statue of his Great Uncle in Northampton.” Belinda Mobbs.

Nicola Baty married  Luke Andrews, they have two daughters, Alex and Izzy.

Nicola (Nic) and family ( husband Luke, and daughters Alex (18) and Izzy (13)) now live in Suffolk – they gave up the London life and now live in a beautiful 16th century farmhouse and run a self-catering holiday cottage business : Bucks Farm Holidays